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Warrior Woman "Unniyarcha": The Kalarippayattu legend of Kerala

On this women's day, we bring to you the story of Unniyarcha, of the house of Puthooram, renowned for the ancient Hindu martial art of Kalaripayattu.

Unniyarcha is perhaps the most exceptional of all the heroines of North Malabar. Also known as Archa, she became the icon of the empowered independent women in Kerala. Her name became a symbol of beauty, bravery and fierce independence among Kerala women.

Equality does not mean sameness

Equality does not mean sameness

If our backgrounds, hopes, dreams, languages, expressions, bodies and preferences are all different, then how can one feminism define us all? If we insist on boxing women into one monolithic feminism, it is bound to fail many of us as it will devolve into a competition of who can shout louder. This is when privilege steps in followed by “saviour complex”. This is exactly what is happening in Sabarimala.