NEHA srivastava

Neha Srivastava is the President and Founder of Shaktitva Foundation. After completing her Masters from Columbia University, she is currently a student of public policy at Johns Hopkins University. She dons many hats, an engineer by profession and a socio-political commentator, activist and writer by passion. An ardent worshipper of Shakti, she is particularly interested in exploring the effects of colonization on native cultures which have a strong affinity towards the Divine Feminine.


anjali george

Anjali George is an activist and a writer who is extremely passionate about the preservation of Indic way of life and indigenous cultures. She is one of the pioneers behind the ‘Ready To Wait’ movement, that was launched to ascertain the rights of the indigenous women in opposition to a politically motivated attack on the tradition of Sabarimala temple. She serves on the Board of Frankfurt City's Council of religions.


krithika sivaswamy

Krithika Sivaswamy is an entrepreneur, a Bharatanatyam dancer and a history enthusiast. Hailing from a family of shrautis, adhvaryus, artists and connoisseurs, she considers it a great privilege to have had an early exposure to the rich culture of Hindu Arts. Inspired by the bold, rooted women at home, she is exploring feminism from a Hindu perspective especially its connections to the worship of Shakti.