Debate around women’s issues in Hindu society is extremely skewed and remains obscured away from Hindu women. Various groups seek to appropriate representation while stifling our voices and denying our agency.


Our Mission

Shaktitva Foundation seeks to help women, realize the Shakti within, through outreach, advocacy and research based on Hindu Dharmika principles.

By studying and understanding the innate gender balance of native Hindu tradition and culture, we seek to decolonize the understanding of gender in contemporary Hindu society, its traditions and culture, to provide a safe space for Hindu women to discuss their issues relating to their gender and faith and to advocate frameworks and policies that reflect the perspectives of native Hindu women, thereby, defining a new praxis to understand the interplay of gender in Hindu social structures, traditions and society.

Hindu women are embodiments of Shakti.
You do not empower Shakti.
You bow before it.
— Neha Srivastava, Founder

Our Primary Areas of Focus